UKM Shoppe


UKM Technology Sdn Bhd (UKMTech) is responsible for managing the commercialisation of UKM intellectual property, legal and financial management related to the transfer of UKM product technology. It is responsible for controlling the commercialisation of UKM’s intellectual property research and intellectual property transactions.


UKM’s Intellectual Property Commercialisation Hub known as UKM Shoppe is a local management center in UKM to manage the comprehensive marketing of UKM intellectual property.

UKM Shoppe is fully managed by UKMTech (commercialisation and marketing management) and PIK (management of human capital and financial resources).


The main objectives of establishing the UKM Intellectual Property Commercialisation Hub (UKM Shoppe) in UKM are:

  1. Stimulate UKM intellectual property marketing activities with greater market reach;
  2. A local center optimized to carry out marketing activities (bilateral and on-line with potential customers) of all applicable UKM products;
  3. As an exhibition center for UKM products which can be visited by potential customers;
  4. Attract more industries / traders / customers interested in UKM products; and
  5. Direct marketing management as well as more focused and competitive UKM intellectual property online marketing; and
  6. Regulates the use of UKM Trademark and Copyright.

The Manager 

Mr. Sahmin Mangun