Webmaster Meeting No.1/2015 – 2 Mac 2015
1. Guidelines of PTJ Website Development
2. Guidelines of UKM Social Media Development
3. Guidelines of Photos Upload in Website and Social Media
4. Guidelines of Slide Preparing of Digital Board
5. Minutes of UKM Webmaster Meeting No.1/2015

Events Information Form
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UKM Name Card Template

1. Name Card Reference
2. Template – Bahasa Malaysia – .ai format
3. Template – Inggeris – .ai format

UKM Corporate Manual (Branding)









Download Citra Grafik


UKM’s Corporate Book










UKM Official Letterhead 

Please be informed that the University has released the official letterhead UKM. The use of official letterhead UKM is applicable from 18 January 2016. As a control measure in order to avoid misuse of official letterhead by parties who are not responsible, UKM citizens can get the official letterhead from the Centre for Corporate Communications (PKK).

Here’s the phone number of PKK’s officers who can be called to obtain the UKM official letterhead:

Mdm. Siti Ismawati: 03-8921 5053
Miss Norlida: 03-8921 4142

Circular on official letterhead UKM will be circulated to all GOVERNMENT AGENCIES in the near future. Please click the attachment to see info graphics and guidelines the official letterhead of UKM.

The official UKM letter guidelines 2016.pdf
Infographic letterhead UKM 2016.pdf

46 Years UKM Logo


50 Years UKM Logo



Official PowerPoint Template