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Centre for Educational Extension

International Student Visa Procedures

Congratulations on your enrolment to Centre for Educational Extension (PKP), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia!

New Student Pass Application

Kindly be informed that International Students who have been received their offer letter from PKP are required to apply for a Visa Approval Letter (VAL), as early as 3 months before the date of registration. Below are the required forms for International Student Visa Application, which contains all information such as document requirements, eVAL processing timeline and general information regarding entry into Malaysia :

  • New Application – For applicants who have never received any student pass from Malaysian institutes, those who intend to change their courses but currently holding a one-off student pass, and those who had previously studied in Language Centres. Please note that the applicant must not enter Malaysia during the processing. Download form.

  • Variation / progression – For applicants who have received student passes from previous higher education institutes. Download form.

  • Letter of Eligibility – For Iranian Students only. Download form.

Please ensure that you provide an active email address as PKP will use this medium to notify any issues regarding your application.


Other guidelines :

Note : a Visa is a document which allows you to enter Malaysia, while a Student Pass allows you to remain in Malaysia within the duration allowed.


Arrival in Malaysia

You may arrange for your own transport to your preferred accommodation / PKP from KLIA / KLIA2. Please refer to the respective websites on transportation arrangements. You may also opt to use mobile apps for e-hailing services, as they offer competitive rates.

Student Pass Renewal For Existing Students

A student pass allows multiple entry and normally has a one (1) year validity. It is issued on an annual basis and renewal fees are to be paid by students. Renewal should be made as early as 3 months or at least 2 months before student pass expiry date, by submitting the hard copy of your renewal form and required documents. Please ensure that your current passport has an entry stamp to Malaysia. However, if there is none, please submit your old passport copy which has the entry stamp.
If your student pass duration is valid for more than 1 year (or for one-off passes throughout your whole duration of study), please submit your academic transcript and attendance report to PKP every 12 months from date of pass issuance, for your iKad renewal. iKad renewal is compulsory and the fee is to be borne by students.

Please be reminded that overstaying is a serious Immigration offence.

Transferring Your Student Pass To New Passport (Endorsement Transfer)

Endorsement Transfer

If you have been issued with a new passport, you are required to transfer your student pass to the new passport. You may submit your old and new passport to PKP, and the charges is to be paid by student (RM53 processing fee + visa  fees according to country).   Please note that if you do not transfer your student pass by the time it is due for renewal, PKP will first proceed with the transfer before proceeding with the renewal as per Immigration requirements.

Shortening The Duration Of Your Existing Pass

Students who are in these category are required to shorten their student pass duration :

  • Completion of studies and received Senate approval
  • Deferment of studies (to resume studies, student must apply for a new VAL application)
  • Withdrawn from University
  • Dismissed from University

Students are required to shorten their Student Pass within 4 weeks from date of certification of final exam results / deferment approval / withdrawal / dismissal letter by submitting their pasport, flight ticket and other related documents. In the event that a student failed to report to PKP by end of the fourth week, PKP will proceed to shorten the student pass (documents will be supported by police report to substitute your passport).

Personal Bond

Personal Bond will be returned to students upon completion or withdrawal of your study in the institution, on condition that there is no violation of any provision of the Immigration laws of Malaysia.

Upon shortening your student pass, please submit a request for the personal bond, together with the copy of receipt, student pass, and local bank statement (must show name, address and account details).

Dependent Pass Application

A dependent pass is a Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) and the validity will depend on the principal (student pass). For renewal applications, it will be issued on an annual basis (subject to principal pass validity) and renewal fees are to be paid by students.

For more information on the eligibility, rules and procedures, please refer to


For more information on student visa and pass procedures, please refer to

Counter Operations For Visa And Student Pass :

Student Affairs & Alumni Unit

Email :

Phone : 03-8921 4197 / 5639

Counter : Level 1, Bangunan Wawasan, Pusat Kembangan Pendidikan UKM Bangi


Visa and student pass counter operations

Monday – Thursday 8:15 am – 12:45 pm
2:15 pm – 4:45 pm
Friday 8:15 am – 12:00 pm
Afternoon session : closed
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