Mr. Abu Bakar Hj Jambol

En. Abu Bakar Hj. Jambol is currently the Senior Deputy Director (Policy & Planning), National Strategy Unit (NSU), Ministry of Finance (MoF). Among his major responsibilities at NSU are planning, implementing and monitoring several key initiatives of the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) both at the national as well as the MoF’s levels. He has wide experience and knowledge in Malaysian civil service especially in the areas of entrepreneurship development programs, government budgeting, public policies and strategic planning.

Prior to this he held various positions in government services which include the Senior Assistant Director of the National Budget Office, MoF; Assistant Federal Finance Officer of Sabah Federal Treasury; and Assistant Secretary at Remuneration Policy and Public Money Division, MoF. He had also served as the MoF’s representative at the Board of Directors of the National News Agency (BERNAMA) and the Malaysian Pepper Board (MPB).