YBhg. Prof. Datuk Dr. Noor Azlan bin Ghazali

Professor Datuk Dr.Noor Azlan Ghazali is the 10th Vice-Chancellor of UKM commencing 1st January 2014. Prof. Datuk Dr Noor Azlan is a Commonwealth Fellow of the Financial, Economics and Banking Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and a Mason Fellow of the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

He had been appointed by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Malaysia to sit on several committees such as Bank Negara Malaysia Monetary Policy Committee, special committee of experts at the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) of the Prime Minister’s Department, National Development and Planning Committee and Head of the Economics and Financial Cluster, National Professors; Council.

From 2006 till 2009, he was seconded to the Prime Minister’s Department to hold several positions such as the Head of the Special Consultancy Team on Globalisation for The Malaysian Economic Action Council (MTEN), Director of Macroeconomics and Investment, National Implementation Directorate (NID) and Director of the Malaysian Development Institute (MDI) at the EPU.