Faculty & Institutes

Our 13 faculties and 13 institutes offers some of the best learning facility in Malaysia

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Our campus are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to make your learning environment more conducive 

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UKM's Experts

Our experts are referred, relevant and respected

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UKM's Research

We are a research university that is on the fore front research

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Studying at UKM

Prospective Students
UKM has excellent and dedicated academic staff and conducive teaching and learning facilities.

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Undergraduate Programme
Learn how to apply to UKM. Find out about UKM's programmes, admission requirements, academic calendar and download our brochure

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Postgraduate Programme
Recognized as a world-class research university, UKM offers graduate scholars multidisciplinary research opportunities and rigorous preparation for meaningful and diverse careers across a wide range of disciplines

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Executive Programme
UKM provides the opportunity for Lifelong Learning through flexible learning modes , innovative and conducive learning environment

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Students here are exposed to advanced courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Statistics, which are very much like first year university courses.

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Current Students
Explore how students from 53 nations worldwide enjoy their studies and life in campus

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What Students Say About UKM

I choose UKM for its good standing among Asian and world universities. UKM has excellent and dedicated academic staff and conducive teaching and learning facilities. I will definitely recommend UKM to all my friends.

Malek M.Y Injas
(Postgraduate student from Palestine)
Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS)