Literature and Discourse Research Group

Kumpulan Penyelidikan Sastera dan Wacana
Literature and Discourse Research Group
(Ketua Kumpulan: Prof. Madya Dr. Shanthini Pillai)

Research Excellence: Shifting Frontiers of Cultural Critique

Executive Summary :

The literature and discourse research group are heavily invested in interrogating the shifting frontiers of cultural critique through the integration of multiple perspectives across time and space. Critical engagements constantly interweave the linguistic and the literary with cultural and historical contexts. We actively establish intercultural connections, mobilize cross-fertilization across the boundaries of disciplines and uncover the myriad ideological forces and power relations that border the human condition. With an overarching inclusive attitude towards diverse modalities, genres and disciplines in contemporary literary scholarship, we constantly aim at shifting traditional grounds of interpretation. As such our projects constantly travel far beyond pure textual analysis and journey into analytical environments that integrate numerous frameworks, not only from the social sciences and humanities but also across transdisciplinary boundaries, such as film and media, digital technology, marketing and advertising, geophysics, and even the medical sciences. It is this that makes the literature and discourse research group one that moves along with the waves of a rapidly transforming global society.

Makmal Penyelidikan

UKM Sarjana will be used as our borderless lab to highlight our cultural critique research.

Research Expertise of Each Group Member :

Ahli Aktif:

  1. Prof. Datin Dr. Ruzy Suliza Hashim: Gender issues in literature; narratives of disabilities
  2. Prof. Madya Dr Bahiyah Abdul Hamid:  Language and gender, language and identity, discourse     analysis and semiotics
  3. Prof. Madya Dr. Shanthini Pillai: South Asian diaspora and transnationalism; ethnic diversity; religious mobilities
  4. Prof. Madya Dr. Raihanah Mohd. Mydin: Muslim Diaspora; Minority fiction & Cultural Diversity; Revert Narrative
  5. Dr. Ravichandran Vengadasamy: Malaysian literature, Cognitive and Literary Stylistics, Academic Writing
  6. Dr. Zalina Mohd. Lazim: Literature and Translation, Drama in education, Eye-tracking – comprehending  Graphic novels
  7. Dr. Anita Binti Dr. Harris Satkunananthan: Postcolonial Gothic; temporality & Spatio-temporal studies; African and Southeast Asian diasporas
  8. Dr. Melissa Shamini Periasamy: Multimodality, Social Semiotics, Literature and Media, Transmedia and Business Storytelling

Ahli tidak aktif (cuti belajar/cuti sakit)

Dr. Shahizah Ismail@Hamdan

Dr. Amrah Abdul Majid

Jaringan dengan universiti luar – strategi dan plan

Jaringan Universiti Luar negara :

International Networking with  University of Wolverhampton (Professor Sebastian Groes)

Plans :

A collaborative project on global readership: Fiction that Malaysians and British  are reading

Jaringan Kebangsaan :

Local Networking with a national level NGO, the Malaysian English Language Teaching Association for joint publications and greater national visibility, especially among local teachers.

Project: Anthology of Short Stories  by Malaysian English Language Teachers