The Langkawi Artificial Reef System

Dr. Gerry Goeden is explaining about the ARMs.

Lafarge, The Andaman Resort and Langkawi Research Centre joined forces to make a real and permanent difference to the marine environment.

Dr. Gerry Goeden, The Andaman’s Marine Consultant said that Langkawi’s fisheries resources and coral reef ecosystem have been under greater stress for at least 25 years. The best chance of improving reef fish stocks is artificial reef.

Mr. Kee Alfian, Reef Ecologist and Prof. Madya Dr. Norhayati Ahmad, The Head of Biology Programe in Langkawi Research Centre agreed “If the reefs around Langkawi are properly rehabilitated, there is a possibility (within 10 years) that we will see a real ‘comeback’ of reef organisms and an increase in fish production”.

We aimed to place 500 units of artificial reef modules (ARMs) per year at Datai Bay. The first prototype of ARM was launch on World Ocean Day, 8th June 2013 by Ms. Anne Scott, The Andaman’s General Manager, Mr. Bradley Mulroney, CEO of Lafarge and Prof. Madya. Dr. Norhayati Ahmad.

This project will offer research opportunities to UKM students to refine the artificial reef strategy and ARM design. It is hoped that as a result of this project, we are able to see improvements on coral regeneration in Datai Bay and an increase of reef fish stocks.

Launching Day video by William Shaw:

Launching the first artificial reef module prototype by Ms. Anne Scott (left), Mr. Bradley Mulroney (middle) and Prof. Madya. Dr. Norhayati Ahmad (right)

Representatives speech

PPL exhibition on Marine Organisms during World Ocean Day at Andaman Resort

by Ku Adriani