Name: Dr. Nor Ba’yah Abdul Kadir  DR BA'YAH

School: Psychology and Human Development

Faculty: Social Science and Humanities

Telephone no: 603-8921 33674

Academic position: Senior Lecturer



PhD in Health and Social Care (Psychology)

MLS (women’s studies/psychology)

BA (Hons) (Psychology)


Research Details    Year
Testing interactional model of work, organizational climate and personality in lecturers’ mental health: A comparative study between research university and teaching university (co-researchers) 2011-2013
Prospective study on 25 Developmental Assets (co-researchers)
Reconstructing new version of adult attachment measures in a Malaysian context in a community-based of Malaysian married couples in the Klang Valley (project head) 2011-2012
Developing Big Five Personality inventory in personnel selection and its adaptability in a local context (co-researchers) 2010-2012
A Model of Adolescents’ Relationship Patterns in the Malaysian Context (co-researchers) 2010-2012
Establishing 25 Youth Assets (co-researchers) 2010-2012
A study on education for sustainable development beyond attitude change among students in UKM (co-researchers) 2009-2010




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Professional Membership

Malaysian Psychological Associations (PSIMA)

Southeast Asian Association for Gender Studies Malaysia Branch (SAMA)