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Pusat Pengajian Sains Sekitaran & Sumber Alam
Fakulti Sains & Teknologi
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 Bangi
Telefon: (603)-8921-3200
Fax: (603)-8925-3357

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ngDr. Ng Yong Foo

Pensyarah Kanan

Tel. no. (office) : +603-8921 5875

Mobile no. : +6012-903 0823

Email : ng_yf@ukm.my; alexkheng@yahoo.com



Ph.D. (UKM, Malaysia) – Environmental Science 2006

M.Sc. (UKM, Malaysia) – Environmental Managements 2002

B.Sc. (UKM, Malaysia) – Conservation Biology 2000


Research Expertise/Current Research

• Insect Biodiversity; Insect Taxonomy, Systematics and Ecology • Biodiversity, taxonomy and ecological studies of thrips and ichneumonid wasps in Malaysia • Develop methods of identifying the genera of Thripinae (Thysanoptera) from Southeast Asia and flower thrips of Malaysia on CD-ROMS • Biodiversity and distribution of dragonflies in highlands and peat swamp forest


Courses Taught

Field Methods in Invertebrate Biology; Human and Environment; Invertebrate Biology; Insect Morphology and Anatomy; Insect Systematics; Insect Pest Management; Insect Physiology; Industrial Training Programme (Coordinator)



• Rory A. Dow, Choong, C.Y. & Ng, Y.F. 2010. A Review of the genus Amphicnemis in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, with descriptions of two new species (Odonata: Zygoptera: Coenagrionidae). Zootaxa 2605: 45–55.

• Ng, Y.F., Eow, L.X. & Mound, L.A. 2010. A New Species of Genus Thrips (Thysanoptera, Thripinae) from Flowers in Peninsular Malaysia. Zootaxa 2638: 65–68.

• Mound, L.A. & Ng, Y.F. 2009. An illustrated key to the genera of Thripinae (Thysanoptera) from South East Asia. Zootaxa 2265:27-47.
























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