Updated: 27/11/2012 (Tuesday)
Please send new applications to e-mail: hh@ukm.my
PPU Hari Raya Celebration  | TOP |

Hari Raya celebration will be held on 22 September (Thursday) at PPU foyer starting from
11.00 am till 1:00pm. Everyone is invited.
PPU Talk  | TOP |

A talk by Dr. Abdul Salam bin Hj. Yusof entitled “The Supernatural Phenomenon and
Science” on 22 September 2011. Everyone is invited.
Condolences | TOP |

Heartfelt condolence on the death of the mother of Mr. Md Suhada Kahar, a language
instructoron the 28 August 2011.

Heartfelt condolence on the death of the father of Mr. Azlan Ahmad, a language instructor
on the 4 September 2011.
Congratulations  | TOP |

1. Puan Wahiza Wahi, a postgraduate student who received the Best Academic Award
from the Prime Minister in a ceremony at the Hari Raya celebration held by the students
and Malaysians with the Prime Minister in Perth, Australia.

2. The appointment of Dr. Roosfa Hashim as the Main Committee of KPT Sports Journal
publication by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education

3. Three lecturers who completed and obtained their PhD Degrees:
i. Dr Azizi Umar
ii. Dr Hamdzun Harun
iii. Dr Hasnan Kassan

4. Prof Madya Dr Latifah Amin has been granted sabatical leave from 15 Sptember 2011

5. Dr Zarina Othman has been reappointed as the Deputy Director of Language Proficiency
for another 2 years starting from 15 September 2011

6. Gratitude to YBhg. Prof Dato Ir. Dr. Hassan Basri who has ended his term as the TNC
(Academic and International Affairs) for his invaluable contribution to PPU.
Course on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods  | TOP |

Institute of Social Science Studies (IPSAS) UPM will hold a course on Qualitative and
Quantitative methods as follows:

a) Structural Equation Modelling Using AMOS - 10 & 11 Okt. 2011
b) Moderation Multiple Regression (MMR) Analysis - 18 & 19 Okt. 2011

Further information can be obtained at level 2, PPU notice board or contact: Pn. Suaidah
Mohamad at 03-89471876, email:upmipsas@gmail.com and cc to suaidah@putra.upm.edu.my
PPUKM Team Building Course  | TOP |

Unit Latihan dan Cuti belajar PPUKM with The Prime Minister Department will organise a
course as follows:

Date: 29 September – 2 October 2011
Place: Pusat Latihan Sandy, Langkawi, Kedah
Meeting place: Pendidikan Lobby PPUKM
Time: 10:00pm (28 September 2011)
Target group: PPUKM Administrative Staff – priority to those who have not completed 7
days – 42 hours of training in a year

Interested staff can apply through eSpel system (organised by: Human Resource Department)
Please contact Encik Abdullah Muji 03 91455164 for any queries.

Seminar on Scientific Writing and Publication 2011 
| TOP |    

Malaysian Nuclear Agency will hold a seminar on 19 – 20th October 2011. Interested staff
can contact:

Cik Wan Syazlina Wan Yunoh
Tel: 019-3434575 atau
email: wan_syazlina@nuclearmalaysia.gov.my

Pn. Zarina Zahar
Tel: 012-5073207
email: zarinazahar@nuclearmalaysia.gov.my

Registration forms can be obtained at PPU office and send before 7th October 2011.

National Workshop: Awareness and understanding of Environment
Conservation among Muslim Community in Malaysia
| TOP |

The workshop will be carried out as follows:

Date: 21 – 23 October 2011
Venue: Biodiversity Institute,Lancang, Pahang
Organiser: Institute of Malaysian Islamic Understanding (JAKIM)

Further information can be obtained at level 2, PPU notice board. Anyone interested, contact
before or on 7 October 2011 and fill in U3P for further action by PPU.
UKM 39th Convocation Ceremony  | TOP |

This ceremony will be held as follows:

Date: 24 – 27 September 2011
Venue: DECTAR Bangi
Time: 8:00am morning session
2:00pm afternoon session

Please click for further details on the schedule of each session.
Special Meeting with DPM | TOP |

This meeting will be held as follows:

Date: 23 September 2011
Venue: Tun Abdullah Mohamad Salleh Complex
Time: 9:00am - 1:00pm

UKM staff is required to attend this meeting. All names have been submitted to TNC
(Academic and International Affairs) office. Lecturers are requested to bring their students to attend this program and attendance will be recorded.

UKM Hari Raya Celebration 2011   | TOP |

This event will be held as follows:

Date      :             28 September 2011
Venue    :             DECTAR UKM
Time:  9:00am

Everyone is invited.