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Here are list of termination of subscription database/ electronic resources.



Reference Collection

This collection has a location code ruj in GEMILANG and is located at level 4 of the Main Library. The materials can be used within this collection only. The items consists of all disciplines except the Arabic and Islamic Studies. The reference collection comprises reference books such as encyclopedia, dictionaries, alamanacs, guide books, yearbooks and etc.

General Collection

This Collection Consists of Books on all subjects and is located at level 5 of the Main Library. It’s location code in GEMILANG (Online Public Access Catalogue) is KOLEKSI AM. All books in this collection can be borrowed.

Archive Collection

The UKM Archive Collection is located at level 6 of teh Main Library. It consists of materials related to the history and development of UKM including the official publications and records of the university, publications by the academics, the UKM publisher and others.

The UKM Archive Collection also serves as the corporat memory of the University, not only for preservation but also to fullfill the reference and research needs of the clients. Several database are developed for the library clients, some database such as the research reports and newspaper articles (on UKM) contain digitized information. This is a closed collection and need to be used within office hours.

Special Collection

This is a rich and diverse research collection. Within this collection are the library’s oldest, most beautiful and most fragile works. It is actually a collection of small special collection. Through the astute acquisition of collection and with donations from private collectors, this special collection of international significance has attracted many overseas researchers.

The following are the special collections within this collection with each having its own significance and uniqueness:

1. Rare Book Collection
2. Manuscript Collection
3. Indonesia – Chinese Peranakan Literature
4. Individual Donation Collection
5. Harun Aminurrashid Collection
6. Schacht Collection

For further information please refer: http://koleksiarkibdankhas.blogspot.com

Southeast Asia Collection

The Southeast Asia Collection is situated at level 5 of the Main Library. It is closed acess collection consisting of the following materials on an array of subjects pertaining to Southeat Asian countries such as Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. These materials are catalogued according to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme. Bibliographic information of these materials may be obtained from GEMILANG. Click for further Information

Document Collection

Government documents are important sources for statistics, government policies and current or historical events. They are housed at level 5 of the Main Library. The Documents in this collection are published by the following bodies; Governent of Malaysia (Ministrial / department level), State governments of Malaysia, Statutory bodies in Malaysia, United Nations and its agencies, Foreign Governments (Selective), OECD (Organization for economic Corporation and Development), Intergovernmental bodies, Rand Crporation – a private institution which published reports, papers, notes, etc. for research.

Media Collection

This collection comprises non-book materials such as dvd, vcd, cd-rom, dvd-rom, video (U-matic, vhs), film strips, audio-cassettes, slide, kits, compact disc, laser disc, film loops, microfiches, microfilms and maps. The collection is a closed access collection, situated at level 2 of the Main Library. Click for further Information

Red Spot Collections

This Collection is located behind the borrowing and returning counter at level 4 of the Main Library. The titles are mainly recommended by lecturer and they serve as compulsory reading materials. Client should use GEMILANG to ensure that the materials are located at the Red Spot Collection. The location code of this collection in GEMILANG is TM

Arabic and Islamic Civilization

This is a collection of books and reference materials pertaining to Arabic Studies and Islamic Civilization. This collection consists of books and references in Malay, English, Arabic and Indonesian languages. It supports the study, teaching and research needs in Syari’ah, Arabic and Islamic Civilization, al-Quran and al-Sunnah, Usuluddin and Philosophy and Dakwah and Leadership. This collection located at level 4 (left side of PTSL main entrance) besides Information Services Division.

For further information please refer : http://koleksi-islamptsl.blogspot.com

Banned Collection

The banned collection which is located at level 4 of the Main Library, consists of materials that are banned by the Malaysia government. The collection is for reference only. To have access to the materials, users must have a recommendation letter from their Heads of Department and permission from the Head of the Customer Service Division. Materials in this collection are given the location code Haram in GEMILANG and prefix 49 before the call number.

Leisure Reading Collection

This collection is situated at level 4 of the Main Library (in front of the Borrowing and Returning Counter). The collection comprises light reading materials, general and popular in nature, suitable for all users. Reading and browsing are restricted to the corner provided. Borrowing procedures for materials from this collection are similar to that of the General Collection. It’s location code in GEMILANG is sbr.

Journal Collection

Journal Collection is situated at Level 3, Tun Seri Lanang Library. This collection contains more than 14,000 journal titles  or 5,000 journal titles including 600  journal titles  of current and previous publications in various subjects like religion, economy, social science, science and technology.

For further information please refer :


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