The library regularly arranges database trials.

We welcome your feedback on any of our trial databases which will help us to evaluate and improve services.

Please note that in some cases you will need to contact the siber@ptsl staff for a username and password to access the database trial.



Oriana contains comprehensive information on companies across the Asia-Pacific region. You can use it to research individual companies and find companies with specific profiles and analyse them.
  • Company financials
  • Financial strength indicators
  • Directors and contacts
  • Original filings/images
  • Detailed corporate structures
  • Market research and economic country profiles and outlooks
  • Business and company-related news
  • M&A deals and rumours


Osiris has information on listed, and major unlisted/delisted, companies around the world. The information is very detailed and includes a lot more than financial reports. Different templates are used to show accounts in the correct formats for their company type and location.
  • Company financials in a standardised and “as reported” formats
  • Restated reports
  • Ratings
  • SEC filings via Edgar Online and other regulatory filings
  • Searchable corporate actions and dividends
  • Detailed earnings estimates and buy/sell recommendations
  • Country profiles and outlook from the EIU
  • Directors and contacts
  • Images of annual and interim reports plus corporate and social responsibility documents
  • Detailed stock data
  • Detailed corporate structures
  • Market research
  • Business and company-related news
  • M&A deals and rumours
  • Directors section including biographies
  • Very detailed information on companies’ activities

3. Orbis Bank Focus 

Orbis Bank Focus is a new database of banks worldwide. The information is sourced by Bureau van Dijk from a combination of annual reports, information providers and regulatory sources.
Orbis Bank Focus currently contains detailed information on 38,000 banks (28,000 US and 10,000 Non-US). By the end of 2016 coverage will reach 12,700 active Non-US Banks, with 5 years’ history for listed banks and 3 years’ for unlisted.

Trial access available from  from February until July, 2017  Feedback form 

*Existing users with usernames and passwords can use it to access all the databases: ORIANA, OSIRIS, ORBIS BANK FOCUS.

4. Reaxys (chemistry search tool)

Reaxys has extensive coverage of authoritative information in organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry dating as far back as 1771. The information is carefully selected by expert chemists.

The information in Reaxys includes all types of property information in separate fields, including:
  • Chemical data (reactions and preparations)
  • Environmental data
  • Physical data
  • Spectral data

In total, Reaxys contains approximately 500 million experimental properties in around 500 property search and display fields.

In April 2013, the content in Reaxys was increased from 400 deeply indexed journals to over 16,000 periodicals covering chemical information and related areas.
This is from a variety of sources such as:
  • Journal articles
  • Books
  • Reviews
  • Conference proceedings
  • Letters
  • Reports

Major handbooks, such as the former Beilstein Handbook for organic chemistry, and Gmelin Handbook in inorganic chemistry.

Trial access available until 16th June, 2017  Feedback form  

5. EMIS – Emerging Markets Information Service
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EMIS University offers students and researchers access to a real-world industry resource and is ideal for research into economics, finance and international business in the
emerging markets

EMIS University specialises in business intelligence from the world’s emerging markets, including those in Emerging Asia, Central and Southeast Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. It includes:

  • Information on 1.3+ million public and private companies, including financial statements, company reports and industry rankings;
  • 540,000+ research reports each year, covering 250+ industries;
  • 58,000+ business news stories daily in 15 languages; and
  • Statistics and forecasts for 250+ industry sectors.

Trial access available until 16th June, 2017  Feedback form  


6. ACM Digital Library
Full text of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) journals, newsletters, and conference proceedings. Includes bibliographic information, abstracts, reviews, and the full text for articles along with selected works published by affiliated organizations. A major resource in the field of  computing and information technology. 

Trial access available until 30th June, 2017  Feedback form