UKM – GIFU U Joint Education: Winter School

Gifu University is a public university in Japan, located   in central Japan (Chubu-district; the most industrialized area of Japan), where Toyota and other global companies started their businesses.  The region is rich in culture and natural heritage.

One of UKM Gifu-U Joint Education program is Winter School that will be held at Gifu University 6-21 December 2017. Gifu University offers a round trip air fare, lab experience, science lectures, industry visit and culture & language lectures. Don’t miss this opportunity and experience Japanese education, culture and nature.

Kindly submit application forms to The UKM Graduate Centre before 31 July 2017.

Application form is available HERE 

Application Guideline 

UKM Potential.Supervisors 

For further enquiries, please email to Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Nasharuddin Zainal (Head of Graduate Strategic Planning and Development) at

The report of Winter School 2016 is available in the URL below. Please check it for your reference. HERE