Testimoni Duta Siswazah

“There were many reasons for me to apply for the graduate ambassador programme, one of it was to interact with other races and discover different cultures from other countries. The most exciting part of it was to get a clear image about our university and to assist the new students adjust to life in campus. When I was appointed as an ambassador, I found that the other ambassadors were well educated and friendly despite the different cultures and nationalities. We have met in many occasions in which the first one was the UKM royal convocation. We have planned for many things to improve the graduated ambassador program and to work as a team. It was very hard for me leaving at such a short time being an ambassador. I hope for the best of all the ambassadors, even though I am back in my hometown in Iraq, my heart will always be there in UKM.”


Mohanad Aljandee

Bekas Pelajar Antarabangsa dan Duta Siswazah UKM