Information Skills


The Information Skills Course is a guidance and education service programme for Law Library customers.  The main aim of this course is to build skills in accessing a variety of materials and information sources especially law collections; and to guide the customers towards using the materials and services provided by the library with efficiency, effectively and independently. This course contains 3 modules:

LS581    : Law Information Skills - Electronic Resources

LS582    : Law Information Skills - Printed Resources (click to download the module)

LS583    : Information Skills - Endnote (specialized software for bibliographic)

Enquiries and Applications

For enquiries and applications, please contact :

Puan Anna Kustyana Mukandar
Tel : 03-8921 6390

Puan Norliah Sukarno
  Tel : 03-8921 6391

Encik Mohd Adnan Baharom
Tel: 03-8921 6956

Law Library Counter
Tel: 03-8921 6392





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