Ahmad Zuhair was born on 21st December 1999 in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. His father’s name is Mr Zakaria meanwhile his mother’s name is Faridah binti Zakaria. He enrolled in PERMATApintar High School programme on 19th January 2014 and graduated in 2015  juhair
LIST OF ACCOMPLISHMENT (Senarai Pencapaian) CURRENT STATUS (Status Terkini)
Zuhair’s greatest accomplishments while studying at PERMATApintar are as follows. He has participated in National and International Competition such as:

1.      He was awarded the Verbal Reccomendation in Dunman High ASEAN Plus Summit (DHAPS) 2015 which was held in Singapore. (International)

2.      He also achieved Gold Medal in PERMATApintar international Future Scientist Conference (iFSC) 2015 as top 4 best research presentations. (International)

3.      He was invited as a speaker to the International Beyond Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Symposium Transitioning into Sustainability 2014 in Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur . (International)

4.      He was qualified into Malaysian Biology Olympiad 2015  Last Stage. (National)

5.      He had also honoured to be the Chair of The PERMATApintar National Model United Nations Economics and Financial Council (ECOFIN) 2015. (National)

6.      He had achieved outstanding PNG (3.9) and maintained a PNGK of 3.73 which had awarded him with the Director’s Award dan juga keputusan cemerlang 7A+ 2A untuk Peperiksaan Percubaan SPM.

Zuhair still studying in Pusat PERMATApintar as a Level II student. He is currently sitting for his SPM.

He is currently applying for international universities to enrol in the overseas.

Other than studying, he is also actively involved in extracurricular activities such as being involved in a singing group named Akhdan. As singers, they had produced an album and a single which is commercialized around Malaysia.

He managed his time systematically to balance out his academic performances and his singing career.


Links regarding his participations are listed below.





Now studying in level 2, Ahmad Mu’az bin Mazlan, 17, is currently the President of PERMATApintar Students’ Council. He received a dean list award in 2014 with a CGPA of 3.68. He has participated in a number of competitions such as Spell It Right, National Robotic Competition, Purple Comet Math Competition, Mighty Minds and Interschool Debating Championship. He has also participated in a Physics’ Olympiad camp (chosen by the school) for his outstanding achievement for the Physics subject in PERMATApintar middle semester examination in March 2014. In mid June of the same year, he joined First Lego League as a volunteer and in July, he was chosen by the school to participate in the National Mathematics Olympiad.

Now, he is conducting a research in the field of Biochemistry in collaboration with National University of Malaysia (UKM). His research is about finding a target of oxidative stress through epithelial sodium channel in human lung cells. Whilst he is in PERMATApintar College, he has led his subordinates in becoming committees to facilitate functions successfully, such as involving the Students’ Council in the orientation program for the freshmen in 2015. He is very interested in pursuing his studies in the United States in Biomedical Engineering and Psychology. He is striving forward to achieve 11A+ in the upcoming SPM.

He holds firm to a belief that says, “what a man believes, he can achieve.” With hardwork and diligence, he believes that nothing is beyond reach; the sky’s the limit. In a world where competition is always presence, only those with enthusiasm, passion and strengths will achieve their goals. And, he wants to be one of them.



RahazimahRahazimah was born on 10th May 1998 in Alor Setar, Kedah to  Mr Abu Bakar Sadiqin, father and Mrs Suhaila Fatimah binti Abdullah@Estella Josephine Roman, mother.  Rahazimah is currently a Level II student studying in PERMATApintar High School Programme, and and is expected to graduate in  2014. Rahazimah, who first  enrolled in PERMATApintar High School programme on 21th January 2013,  has participated in National and International Competition, and has recently been offered admission to a top ranking US University.  Four of Rahazimah’s greatest accomplishments while studying at PERMATApintar are as follows;

    1. She was selected  to participate in the Tournament of Champions of Yale University, USA,
    2. She won a medal during the Malaysia round at World Scholar’s Cup 2013 (Global Round in Dubai)
    3. She won a Gold Medal and an award for the  Top 3 Best Posters in National Scientist Conference 2014 (National)
    4. She was short listed as a Quarter Finalist and Top 50 Best Speakers in Lim Kok Wing International Debate Championship 2014 nternational)
    5. She was awarded as Verbal Recommendation (ASEAN Social & Humanitarian Council) at Dunman High Model ASEAN Plus Summit (DHAP 2014)-Singapore (International)

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Video Montage of World Scholars Cup 2013 (Global Round), Dubai



Berasal dari Sungai Besar, Kuala Selangor. Hisyam merupakan anak bongsu dalam keluarganya. Ayahnya seorang pesara dan ibunya pula seorang guru.

Pada usia 15 tahun, Hisyam telah berjaya menempatkan diri dalam Tingkatan 4 tahun 2013 di Pusat PERMATApintar Negara, UKM.

Hisyam sedang menjalani Program “Volunteer Camp” di Marbug, Jerman selama 2 minggu bermula 1 Jun 2014 hingga 14 Jun 2014.


  1. Disenaraikan sebagai pelajar Fast Track dan bakal menyambung pengajian di luar negara.
  2. Mengekalkan prestasi yang meningkatkan sepanjang semester dengan memperoleh PNG melebihi 3.5.
  3. Disenaraikan sebagai penerima Anugerah Pengarah atas pencapaian cemerlang dalam Peperiksaan 1 tahun 2014 dengan PNGS 3.75


Law Wen Xuan


Law Wen Xuan was born in 1996 in Ipoh, Perak. She is the youngest child. Her father works as an IT manager while her mother is a secondary school teacher. She enrolled in PERMATApintar High School programme during 2013. Law Wen Xuan is currently a level 2 student in PERMATApintar National Gifted Centre and will sit for SPM this year.

Law Wen Xuan2

Law Wen Xuan’s greatest accomplishments while studying at PERMATApintar are as follows:

  • selected to be a Fast-track student
  • received Director’s award for the second exam and fourth exam in 2013
  • has consistently maintained outstanding Grade Point Averages
    • 1st exam :  3.81
    • 2nd exam: 3.85
    • 3rd exam: 3.83
    • 4th exam: 3.89
    • 5th exam: 3.83



Chew Jie Heng atau lebih dikenali sebagai Eric berasal dari Pendang Kedah. Anak ketiga daripada tiga orang adik beradik ini merupakan pelajar yang sentiasa disenangi oleh rakan-rakan dan instruktor kerana sentiasa bersikap terbuka untuk membantu sekiranya diperlukan. Sepanjang dua tahun di Program Pendidikan PERMATApintarTM, Eric sentiasa aktif menyertai pertandingan atau aktiviti sukarelawan yang dianjurkan oleh pihak luar. Antara pertandingan yang telah disertai adalah Mighty Minds State Challenge, Kangaroo Math Competition, International Competitions and Assesments for School (ICAS), Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan Malaysia (K3M) dan Malaysia Computing Competition. Eric telah berjaya mendapat pingat emas bagi pertandingan Kangaroo Math Competition dan High Distinction bagi pertandingan ICAS Science. Dari segi akademik, Eric merupakan pelajar yang sentiasa mendapat keputusan yang cemerlang dalam setiap peperiksaan yang diambil. Lebih membanggakan lagi, pada usia 17 tahun, Eric telah ditawarkan untuk menyambung pelajaran diperingkat Sarjana Muda oleh University Of California, Riverside dalam bidang Biologi. Semoga Eric akan terus berjaya pada masa hadapan.





List of Accomplishments

1. Overall silver medal in the Genius Olympiad Competition held at State University of New York (SUNY), Oswego Campus.

2. Scored 10A+ in 2012  SPM examination,

3. won Gold Medal in the Future Scientist Conference 2012

Background of Nur Farhana Ismail

Currently Nur Farhana Ismail is studying at Medical Faculty in UKM. Born on 11th November 1995 in Malacca. She joined PERMATApintar on 17th January 2011 and graduated in 2012. Both of her parents, En Ismail bin Ali and Pn Hamidah binti Salleh@Saleh are teachers.

Genius Olympiad Competition, State University of New York (SUNY), Oswego Campus.


NEW YORK, 6 July, 2011 – A student from PERMATApintar National Gifted Centre, UKM, Nur Farhana Ismail, won an overall silver medal in the Genius Olympiad Competition held at State University of New York Oswego campus  earlier this month.

Farhana, a first year PERMATAPintar student (equivalent to form four), who entered the competition with a fellow student from Sekolah Menengah Sains Sultan Muhammad Jiwa, Kedah, Muhammad Adib bin Abas received a certificate, a silver medal and an Amazon Kindle each.

Director of PERMATApintar National Gifted Centre, Associate Professor Dr Noriah Ishak in a statement said although the students are from different schools they submitted their joint project developed over two months to the organisers of the competition held between 27 June to 1 July, 2011.

Farhana and Adib competed in the ‘Human Ecology’ section under the ‘Fertility Booster’ programme involving the use of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack or ‘Tongkat Ali’ as a remedy for childless women.

“Farhana’s victory no doubt is a boost for PERMATApintar National Gifted Centre in Malaysia but also enhanced our country internationally,” said Dr Noriah.

She said the Genius Olypmiad Competiton was held to encourage higher secondary students from all over the world to seek solutions to problems affecting our environments at the global level.

It was also aimed at inspiring students to generate creative and innovative ideas in carrying out activities meant to protect and regenerate our environment that has been damaged besides drawing up strategies to safeguard the environment for future generations.

The Olympiad also provides a forum for genius teenagers from all over the world to meet and share information and ideas in order to generate new knowledge on the issues discussed.

Inspiring Futures, Nurturing Possibilities