The research facilities in Green Energy Technology Innovation Park, UKM

The state of the art research facilities included the Green Energy Technology Innovation Park and other research laboratories. The research park consists of the 1.2 kWp photovoltaic pumping system,  a 5 kW grid-connected photovoltaic system, 10 m2 and 20 m2 forced convective solar dryer and a solar hydrogen photovoltaic system.

Other research facilities include solar hot water heater with integrated storage system, solar stirling engine for water pumping system, solar assisted drying system for medicinal herbs, solar collector with thermoplastic natural rubber absorber tubes, solar absorption air conditioning system and core daylighting using CPC solar light pipes, solar cell fabrication and characterization, solar simulator, sky simulator, a solar hydrogen eco-house, anechoic and reverberation chambers for determining acoustic properties of materials, and thermal conductivity of materials.

The facilities available in SERI can be categorized into: