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Solar Energy Research Institute

Administative Staffs

Encik Asmadi Hazim

  • 03-89118571 / 03-89118535
  • asmadihazim@ukm.edu.my


Encik Mohd Norizam Md Daud

  • 03-89217161
  • mohdnorizam@ukm.edu.my

Research Officer

Encik Ahmad Afif Safwan Mohd Radzi

  • 03-89118477
  • afifseri@ukm.edu.my

Research Officer

Encik Mohamad Arif Mokhtar

  • 03-89217162
  • arifseri@ukm.edu.my

Senior Science Officer

ChM. Sharifah Nurain Syed Nasir

  • 03-89118448
  • sharifahnurain@ukm.edu.my

Senior Science Officer

Encik Amirul Iman Zainudin

  • 03-89117159
  • amiruliman@ukm.edu.my

Science Officer

Encik Muhammad Samsuri Samsudin

  • 03-89217158
  • msamsuri@ukm.edu.my

Assistant Science Officer/ Webmaster

Encik Raja Mohd Saleh Raja Hasan

  • 03-89217158
  • rajamohdsaleh@ukm.edu.my

Assistant Engineer

Puan Siti Aminah Bahron

  • 03-89118022
  • mien@ukm.edu.my

Office Secretary

Cik Nur Idatul Diana Ahmad Zaki

  • 03-89118572
  • nuridatuldiana@ukm.edu.my

Administrative Assistant

Puan Hatini Mokhtar

  • 03-89118572
  • hatini@ukm.edu.my

Administrative Assistant

Cik Alya Athirah Ahmad

  • 03-89118573
  • alyaathirah@ukm.edu.my

Administrative Assistant

Encik Mohamad Ridzuan Md Razi

  • 03-89118573
  • ridz@ukm.edu.my

Operation Assistant