FST Postgraduate

 FST Postgraduate


Recruitment and Admission

FST offers various postgraduate programmes. More information about the program offered, please click here.

Recruitment for coursework mode studies is offered twice (2) times a year in September and February each year. While recruitment for research mode studies is throughout the year.

There are two (2) semesters of study per year.

The fee for local students is as follows (click on fee table) The fees for international students are as follows (click on the fee table).

The minimum number of semesters for PhD level is six (6) semesters for full-time and eight (8) semesters for half-time.

The maximum number of semesters for the PhD level is twelve (12) and for full time and fourteen (14) for part-time.
For Master’s degree studies, the minimum number of semesters is two (2) semesters for full time and four (4) semesters for part-time.

The maximum number of semesters for Master level studies is four (4) while for halftime is eight (8).

Yes, subject to the approval of the Faculty/Graduate Management Center.

IELTS or TOEFL English course requirements are for international students.

Academic and Supervisory

Can, provided:
1. obtain a certificate from the Faculty / Graduate Management Center; and
2. has published at least two (2) papers in high impact journals relating to his research or other journals or publication of papers recognized by the Senate;
In addition, there may be other requirements that candidates must meet.

Can, by following a program of study by research and subject to the Supervisor’s consent.

Lecturers from outside UKM may be appointed as Joint Supervisors with the approval of the Main Supervisor and the Dean.

UKM does not offer any scholarship to its students. However, UKM has Zamalah Scheme for selected students. In addition, UKM provides financial assistance to Graduate Research Assistantship. For Zamalah Scheme, prospective applicants need to have excellent academic qualifications and have the potential as a researcher. For Graduate Research Assistants, the candidate should contact the relevant supervisor and meet the requirements set by the supervisor.

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