Master of Science (Coursework)


Degrees offered:


The master program by thesis emphasizes research work to train scientists to be more capable to carry out fundamental and applied research and to support UKM as a Research University. Research or specialized areas offered by the Chemistry Program are Natural Products, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Synthesis of Inorganic Compound, Catalysis, green polymers which include Thermoplastics, synthetic polymers and polymer composite. The Master of Science (Chemistry) by coursework offers a package of minimum two semesters for full-time students and four semesters for part-time students. This program is offered to qualified students from chemical industries, private colleges, research institutions, teachers and government sector which have limited time to further their studies. Graduates from this program are expected to contribute effectively to the development of science and technology.

Program Structure

Each candidate in Master of Science (Chemistry) program by coursework must register and successfully complete a minimum of 40 credit hours of coursework throughout the studies. The following table listed the core courses and elective courses required to be taken by the candidates.

Courses Offered:

  • STPD6014 Research Methodology
  • STKK6113 Quantum Chemistry
  • STKK6123 Advanced Polymer Chemistry
  • STKK6142 Electrochemistry
  • STKK6313 Inorganic Synthesis and Mechanism
  • STKK6323 Applied Inorganic Chemistry
  • STKK6342 Physical Inorganic Chemistry
  • STKK6513 Organic Synthesis
  • STKK6523 Spectroscopy in Organic Chemistry
  • STKK6542 Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms
  • STKK6713 Principles of Analytical and Instrumentation Design
  • STKK6762 Surface Analysis
  • STKK6723 Chemical Management System
  • STKK6972 Research Project I
  • STKK6986 Research Project II