Postgraduate Forms

Student Admission

  1. Application for Admission Postponement (for new student)


Student Registration

  1. Application for Study Deferment
  2. Application for Study Extension
  3. Application for Course Exemption
  4. Application for Change the Type of Registration / Programme / Mode of Study
  5. Application for Change the Status of the Course
  6. Application for Conversion from Master to Doctorate Programme
  7. Research Proposal and Presentation Assessment Form for Conversion from Master to Doctorate Programme
  8. Application for Addition / Reduction of Course Register Units Per Semester 
  9. Application for Withdrawal from Studies


Teaching and Supervision

  1. Application for Student Declaration Letter
  2. Application for Supervisor Exchange (fill up by students not more than 3 semesters (Doctorate Programme) and 2 semesters (Master Programme)
  3. Application for Change / Addition of Principal / Co-Supervisor (fill up by Supervisor)
  4. Application for Thesis Writing In English


Notification of Thesis Submission for Examination (please click here)

**fill up by student 3 months before submit the thesis


Thesis Submission For Examination (please click here)


Thesis Examiner Nomination (fill up by Principal Supervisor)

  1. Internal and External Examiner Nomination Form (Master Programme)
  2. Internal and External Examiner Nomination Form (Doctorate Program)


Oral Exam Preparation

  1. Thesis Examination Report Form
  2. Thesis Evaluation Acknowledgement by the Internal Examiner
  3. Thesis Evaluation Acknowledgement by External Examiner


Oral Examination

  1. Acknowledgement of Examiner and Oral Examination Committee Meeting
  2. Thesis / Dissertation External Examiner Evaluation Form


Final Thesis Submission – after oral examination (please click here)

  1. Writing Thesis According to Gaya UKM: List of Common Mistakes


Hardbound Thesis Submission (please click here)


Research Report Submission

  1. Research Report Amendment Submission Form
  2. Acknowledgement of Acceptance of Thesis / Dissertation / Research Report by Supervision


Oral Examination Appeal Application

  1. Checklist for Oral Examination Appeal



  1. Application form for Obtaining a Degree Scroll Before the Convocation Ceremony
  2. Authorization Letter to Collect a Degree Scroll
  3. Official Academic Transcript Application Form
  4. Replacement Scroll Application Form