Master of Science (Research)

Research Areas

The School of Mathematical Sciences conducts research in various fields of study such as Algebra, Complex Analysis, Group Theory, Fuzzy Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics, Dynamical Systems, Numerical Methods, Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling, Biomechanics, Optimization, Ethnomathematics, History and Philosophy of Mathematical Sciences, Management Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Actuarial Modeling, Multilevel Modeling, Statistical Modeling, Medical Statistics, Social Statistics, Traffic Studies, Time-Series Modeling and Forecasting, Stochastic Process, Sampling Techniques, Image Processing, Total Quality Management, Process Control and Quality Improvement as well as Productivity Measurement.


Degrees offered

  • Master of Science (Mathematics)
  • Master of Science (Statistics)


Entry requirements

  1. Bachelor’s Degree with CGPA ≥ 2.75 from University or any higher learning institution recognised by the Senate; or
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Science or other qualifications equivalent with CGPA 2.50 – 2.74, subject to minimum of one year working experience in related field; or
  3. Fulfil other requirements prescribed by the programme (where applicable); and
  4. Fulfil requirements of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA);
  5. An international student shall obtain minimum results of TOEFL (550)/ IELTS (5.5 / MUET (band 3). (An international student who comes from a country where English is the official language, or who has obtained academic qualifications from any institution of higher learning that uses English as the medium of instruction may be exempted from the requirement for  TOEFL / IELTS / MUET)

An international student who obtained academic qualifications but do not fulfils English language proficiency requirements shall attend the Intensive English Programme for one year (maximum period). Candidates who did not meet the minimum requirements as specified by the programme will be given  “Fail and Dismiss” status.


Program Structure

Each student of this program is required to register and pass 12 credit hours of courses including the core course STPD6014 Research Methodology and two courses valued 8 credit hours that related to the field of research to complete the Master of Science program. Students also have to register thesis for every semester until graduation.

Students must schedule a meeting with the Supervisor or the Supervisory Committee for not less than 26 hours of meetings per semester for full-time students and 13 hours of meetings per semester for part-time students. The research output is written as a thesis.

Students must meet the graduation requirements set by the faculty.

Students must publish at least two (1) papers in the Web of Science (WOS) indexed journal in the field of Master of Science research with the Supervisor or the Supervisory Committee