Welcome to 28th Symposium of Malaysian Chemical Engineers

SOMChE 2015

21-22 October 2015

Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort


Towards Net Carbon Neutrality

Emissions of carbon-based green-house gases (GHGs) from human activities has been shown unequivocally to be the most likely causes of global warming and climate change. Natural resources that chemical engineers help to process into useful products and energy are mostly carbon-based materials. Hence GHGs are more than likely to be emitted somewhere along the supply and manufacturing chain. Carbon neutrality is an overarching concept to achieve net zero carbon footprint through either carbon offsetting by paying for carbon emissions that will be used to develop GHG reduction projects and carbon emission reduction by using technology to reduce and eliminate GHGs emissions. Chemical engineers can play a greater role in reducing and eliminating GHG emission from chemical processes by using the concept of carbon neutrality to search for new alternative or renewable resources and green, zero or low emission processes or to design and operate existing processes more efficiently and sustainably that emit less GHGs.


Organized by:

Department of Chemical & Process Engineering, UKM

IChemE in Malaysia

Fuel Cell Institute, UKM

UKM-YSD Chair for Sustainable Development: Zero Waste Technology


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PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad

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