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Knowledge Grid

The KnowledgeGRID Malaysia is a strategic initiative by the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) which is being spearheaded by MIMOS with a close collaboration with local universities, R&D institutions and industry. The KnowledgeGRID Malaysia will provide a Knowledge infrastructure for the nation that maximises high performance computing resources to accelerate research and industrial development for national wealth and value creation. The National Grid will be the Knowledge infrastructure that combines networked resources - desktops, servers, storage, databases, and scientific instruments - to form a massive repository of computing power to be tapped wherever and whenever it is needed most.

Official website : KnowledgeGrid Malaysia

Biruni Grid

The Biruni Grid Center (BIRUNI) is project started in 2008 lead by Associate Professor Dr. Suhaimi Napis , Director, InfoComm Development Centre (iDEC) of University Putra Malaysia. The mission is to create public computing grid to tackle project that benefit everyone especially Malaysian and Universiti Putra Malaysia students.

Official website : Biruni Grid - UPM

E-Grid Geranium

GERANIUM is an abbreviation of Grid-Enabled Research Network and Infrastructure of the University of Malaya, a University of Malaya Campus Wide Research Grid Initiative. GERANIUM will provide a group collaboration environment which is seamless and integrated computational. When portal is installed using a Web browser, users will be able to view and select grid resources and services in a virtual infinite machine room. The implications are enormous. The vision is to offer dependable, consistent, pervasive, and inexpensive access to high-end resources.

Official website : UM E-Grid Geranium

GStat 2.0

The main aim of GStat is to display information about grid services, the grid information system itself and related metrics. The system is designed in modular way so that the software can be reused in different application scenarios. GStat has evolved over the past few years from a simple cgi script that displayed the summary of a grid infrastructure to a production quality service providing rich features such as information content testing and infrastructure monitoring.

Official website : GStat 2.0

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