“UKM-IIC is a large-scale international conference that brings together diverse major international conferences held at the university on broad areas of research. It is set to become one of UKM’s major icons by positioning itself as a platform for sharing knowledge in various elds of interdisciplinary research carried out at the university. As a common platform that provides an opportunity for researchers from diverse elds to exchange and share ideas, UKM-IIC is a catalyst for expansion of networks and linkages”

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1. 1st International Conference (SEEDS 2017)
2. Sustainability of Language Sciences International Conference (SoLS2017)
3. 4th Asian Regional Conference on Systems Biology 2017 (ARCSB 2017)
4. 4th Tuanku Ja'afar Conference and Workshop 2017 (TJC2017)
5. ASEAN Japan Joint-Workshop on Computational Linguistics & Informatics (AJCLI2017)
6. UKM-UR-UII-PSU Joint Seminar 2017
7. The 2nd International Conference on Pharmacy Education and Research Network of ASEAN (ASEAN PharmNET 2017)
8. 17th Biennial International Conference on Media and Communication - 2017 (MENTION2017)
9. 3rd International Seminar on Da’wah (Digital) (ISOD III)
10. Persidangan Antarabangsa Islam dan Tokoh 2017 (PAIT 2017)
11. International Conference for Research and Management Executives (ICoRE 2017)

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