Speaker Abstract RCMM 2017: Dr. Robin Philip

“Metabolomics and Integrated Biology: Increasing Biological Understanding”

Robin Philp, Academia Programs Manager, Agilent Technologies.

Biological research today often utilizes several approaches to measure components of the cell, such as proteins, metabolites and nucleic acids, to uncover the underlying causes of diseases such as cancer. However, there is a challenge in trying to analyze increasingly larger and more complex sets of data. An integrated pathway approach for analyzing the data can significantly alleviate bottlenecks and fulfill the ultimate purpose of biological research – understanding the biology behind the measurements. One successful approach for translating diverse analytical data into biological understanding is through the projection and visualization of processed data onto biological pathways. This work will describe this approach and give examples of how it has been applied to biomedical research.

With a background in biochemistry Robin worked at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in London before moving to Oxford GlycoSciences. Following that he moved to Singapore where he ran the department of Proteomics at A*STAR’s Bioprocessing Technology Institute and then in 2008 joined Agilent Technologies as a specialist in mass spectrometry and now acts as the Academic Market Manager for Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. This role includes business development, providing technical presentations and workshops as well as building and maintaining academic collaborations. Robin has 35 peer review journal articles.