The main theme of this conference is:

  • Islamic Knowledge: Enhancing Unity and Understanding across Nation

The sub-themes of the conference are:

  1. The Philosophy of Islamic Education (Issues in Islamic Educational Philosophy, Concept of Education, Aims and Objectives)
  2. The Conflict between Islam, Western, and Secular Education (Philosophy, Concept, Objective, Implementation, Teaching and Learning, and Sex Education)
  3. Curriculum and Evaluation (Curriculum Development, New Approach to Evaluation, Holistic Evaluation, Curriculum Integration, Multicultural Issues in Curriculum and Evaluation)
  4. Integration of Knowledge (New Theories, Approaches to Islamization of knowledge, Modalities in Teaching and Learning, Application of Integration of Knowledge in Muslim Education)
  5. Teacher Training in Islamic Education (Curriculum and Pedagogy, Upgrading of Teaching Skills, Pedagogical Contents, Theories, Language and Teaching, Teacher Readiness, In-Service Training and Motivation)
  6. Learning Strategies in Islamic Education (New Theories and Approaches to Teaching and Learning, Understanding Students’ Abilities)
  7. Religious Schools or Madrasah Education (Certification Issues, Informal and Semi-Formal Education, Evaluation of Madrasah Environment, Education and Social Services)
  8. Quality of Islamic Education (Standards in Islamic Education, Global Recognition, Education and Human Development)
  9. Information Communication Technology and Media in Islamic Education (Impact of ICT on Education, Application in Education, New Approach to Teaching, Problems in Implementing ICT in Islamic Education)
  10. Educational Administration and Management (Educational Policy, Issue in Educational Administration and Management, Professionalism, Islamic Finance)
  11. Moral and Akhlaq Development (Human Capital, Human Development, Adolescence, Knowledge and its Application, Application of Moral Studies, Research in Akhlaq and Akhlaq Development, Mass Media and Human Development)