This engine uses spelling rules as mentioned by DBP ( Daftar Kata Bahasa Melayu: rumi-sebutan-jawi ) to transliterate rumi to jawi. Based on a sample data of 2500 most frequently malay words, its has roughly 70% accuracy. More tests are needed, for instance for various KVK, KVKV, etc patterns.

This is but one way of doing transliteration. There are others ways such as pattern mapping and bayesian / probability approach.

Good: it can transliterate any rumi words, doesn't depend on korpus. Thus, you always get something back. You can transliterate names, places or even english names or words.

It is written using C# and WPF, and works on Vista/Window 7. For XP/Vista, you probably need to install .net framework 3.5 and WPF.

Bad: 65-70% accuracy, due to rules for spelling arabic origin words, e pepet, e taling, and other spelling rules.

  1. rumi-jawi berasaskan petua
  2. perisian ini menggunakan petua dari DBP untuk transliterasi rumi-jawi.

  3. rumi-jawi berasaskan korpus
  4. perisian ini menggunakan korpus untuk transliterasi rumi-jawi

  5. rumi-jawi korpus
  6. korpus rumi-jawi. Diperlukan untuk perisian rumi-jawi berasaskan korpus. Mengandungi 2541 perkataan rumi-jawi.

    Korpus diperlukan dalam menguji ketepatan sistem. Pengguna boleh menambah data rumi-jawi dalam korpus ini.

    ( asalnya data jawi bukan dalam bentuk UNICODE, oleh itu sukar untuk cut-dan-paste pada aplikasi ). Pastikan korpus menggunakan "comma" untuk memisahkan rumi dan jawi. Gunakan editor UNICODE seperti notepad.exe.

    This rumi-jawi transliteration is based on rumi-jawi korpus. The basic idea is to have a small system to allow users to learn writing jawi. Currently the system have about 2,541 malay words , mostly taken from the weekly Utusan Melayu.

    It is written using C# and WPF, and works on Vista. For XP, you need to install .net framework 3.5 and WPF.

    Good: 100% accurate, it based on your korpus. you can add new words to the corpus using unicode editor. Please see the corpus.

    Bad: need to prepare jawi korpus, and can only transliterate rumi words that exist on korpus.

  7. rumi-jawi-sync
  8. Gabungan transliterasi berasaskan petua dan transliterasi berasaskan korpus.

  9. font jawi (Arabic Typesetting) that support jawi characters, if you don't have it already.

  10. latest (6/6/2009): Window 7 add another font that have jawi. Sakkal Majalla