Science Steering Group


Co-Chair Hans Schlager
Co-Chair Mian Chin
SSG member Hiroshi Tanimoto
SSG member Michelle Santee
SSG member James Crawford
SSG member Laura Pan
WG1 Co-lead Jianchun Bian
WG1 Co-lead Gabi Stiller
WG1 Co-lead Chang-Keun Song
WG1 Co-lead Klaus Gottschaldt
WG2 Co-lead Jonathon Wright
WG3 Co-lead Ritesh Gautam
WG3 Co-lead Federico Fierli
WG3 Co-lead Bhupesh Adhikary
SSG: Science Steering Group
WG1: Working Group on Observations and Data Sharing
WG2: Working Group on Modeling and Analysis
WG3: Working Group on the Training school for Early Career Scientists

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