The Centre for Academic Management or also known as Academic UKM, is the department in charge of the admission, registration, examination and graduation for undergraduate students.  Commencing 1st May 2014, the responsibility of Academic UKM has been broaden and now handles the operations of both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.


The governance restructuring is in line with the six (6) UKM’s Key Result Area.  Operation activities done by Academic UKM are:

a. Student admission

b. Registration and lecture timetabling

c. Examination and graduation

d. Management of student data and records

e. Senate



The Centre for Academic Management is committed to be the leading centre of excellence in providing academic services.



Academic UKM aims to be a  service centre that provides services efficiently, accurate information and customer oriented.


Our goals are: promote UKM as the first choice in university selection to pursue studies both undergraduate and postgraduate

b. to provide excellent academic support services to all Faculties/Institutes/Centres and students

c. to be the leading referred  centre in the academic management to all Faculties/Institutes/Centres and other Higher Learning Institutes

d. to be the centre of reference to provide training and guidance in academic management to administrators and staffs