ANGKASA Ionospheric Observation Network (AION) consist of three Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers all over Malaysia
owned by Space Science Centre (ANGKASA), Institute of Climate Change, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The purpose of this network
is to monitoring and forecasting equatorial ionospheric disturbances such as equatorial plasma bubbles, scintillation, etc.


List of stations in the GISTM network over Malaysia with latitude and longitude details 

Type of Data

Type of data available from all the stations

Data Policy

Data usage policy and acknowledgement to data owners

Request Data

Fill in the data application form by stating the required data

Download Data

Register and download data after the application has been approved


Organisations that collaborates with ANGKASA UKM in the Malaysia Ionospheric Observation Network project




GISTM computes the slant TEC from the combined L1 and L2 pseudo-range measurements 


The amplitude scintillation, S4 index, which is the standard deviation of the received SI divided by its mean value, is calculated every 60 s using 3,000 points of detrended SI measurements.


Receiver Independent Exchange Format (RINEX) is a data interchange format for raw satellite navigation system data is available. Please contact us or click the request data link for more information.


All data users are compulsory to agree and follow all items as below:

1. Offer co-authorship to the researchers related with the data in any publication containing data from Space Science Centre (ANGKASA UKM).
ANGKASA UKM will recommend the researcher name to be included in the publication as co-author.

2. Include ANGKASA UKM’s name in the “Acknowledgement” section in any publication containing data from ANGKASA UKM.

3. Send a copy of the publication to ANGKASA UKM by e-mail or post.

4. Not disclose, distribute, or disseminate the data to any third party, other than the applicant without any written consent from ANGKASA UKM.

Notes :
A fee may be imposed on the requested data based on justification from ANGKASA UKM.
For any inquiries and further action, please call +603-89118482 (office hour) or e-mail to