Our Logo


The logo of ANGKASA was created based on the Institute’s visions and missions as a Research and Development  (R&D) Centre of Excellence in the field of Space Science. The foundation of the logo is taken from the first alphabet A of ANGKASA, suited graphically into a triangle, stretched into the right angle under the crescent, encapsulating the virtues of ANGKASA.  The triangle is described as a shuttle shooting out into space crossing the crescent which symbolizes the orbit.  The acronym ANGKASA for “Pusat Sains Angkasa” is placed valiantly on the wordings of “Pusat Sains Angkasa” and Space Science Centre, in line with the principle of ANGKASA supporting the programmes endorsed by the National Space Agency up into the international arena.

The placement of the UKM logo on ANGKASA is to highlight ANGKASA as part of the entity of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

The BLUE colour represents ANGKASA’s presence, solidarity and commitment towards uplifting the advancement of Space Science in Malaysia.