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Pedagogical Issues of Using ICT Applications in Iraq

Norizan Abdul Razak, Halah Kamal Saeed, Hussien Alakrash


This paper investigates the pedagogical factors affecting the implementation of ICT applications on teaching and learning English from the instructors' point of view. It also discusses the instructors' practices in using online tools for English departments. Using a mixed method approach, this study selected 57 instructors from various universities in Iraq to be involved in the survey and 7 respondents were selected for in-depth interview. The study has shown that the instructors have demonstrated positive attitudes towards ICT application in EFL classroom as they claimed that the technology helps in creating conducive environment for effective teaching and learning. However, in order for the universities in Iraq to use ICT applications comprehensively, there is a need for the teachers to be trained to use computers, online facilities, graphic and multimedia, electronic communication, video and animation in classroom environment.


ICT Applications, EFL, online tools, pedagogical factors, educational technology


IT and Society