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Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Methods in Recent Years

Zohreh Madhoushi, Abdul Razak Hamdan, Suhaila Zainudin


Sentiment Analysis (SA) is the computational treatment of opinions, sentiments and subjectivity of text. Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA) is a specific SA that aims to extract most important aspects of an entity and predict the polarity of each aspect from the text. A review of the recent state-of-the-art in ABSA, shows the remarkable growing in finding both aspect, and the corresponding sentiment. Current methods are categorized based on their proposed algorithms and models. For each discussed study, aspect extraction method and sentiment prediction method, the dataset, domain and the reported performance is included. The main goal of this work is to review ABSA techniques with brief details. The main contributions of this paper consist of the refined categorizations of a great number of recent articles, comparing them and the illustration of the recent trend of research in the ABSA.


Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis, aspect extraction, sentiment prediction


Knowledge Technology