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MyJavaSchool: Students Perceptions and Motivation for Computer Programming

Ahgilan Perumal, Rodziah Latih, Marini Abu Bakar


Computer Science subject have been introduced as a new subject in the Secondary School Standard Curriculum (KSSM) to equip students with problem solving and computational thinking skills. This Computer Science subject consists of three modules, namely Computer Programming, Database, and Human and Computer Interaction modules. As a new subject, two major problems that the teachers facing are the material and approach for teaching. Thus, the MyJavaSchool module was developed as an alternative teaching material for the form four Computer Programming modules. MyJavaSchool is a module to teach Java programming using Turtle Graphic and competency-based learning approach. This paper discusses the results of a study designed to examine students\' perceptions of the MyJavaSchool module as well as their perceptions and levels of motivation on the subject of Computer Programming. This study uses a quantitative approach where questionnaires are used to collect the data. The respondents were 126 form four students. The module and a guideline were given to the teacher to implement. After a few weeks of teaching, the questionnaire was distributed to the respondents. The findings showed that the students\' perceptions on the use of this module was at a good level with an average mean of 2.74. This indicates that students are still skeptical of the use of the MyJavaSchool module in learning computer programming. However, they are motivated by the learning approach used and intend to further their studies in Computer Science after they finish their secondary school. In conclusion it can be said that this module needs to be improved further. Examples for each topic need to be added because through the example, students can understand how their concepts and usage. The finding also shows that learning approaches are very important in motivating students.


Programming Language, Turtle Graphic, Problem Solving Skill, Computational Thinking, Competitive-based learning.


Software Engineering and Technology