Centre for Automotive Research


Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Laboratory

The world of automotive technology is changing fast and facing great pressure in engine and vehicle design, production scalability and cost competitiveness. In addition, with the increasing of petroleum-based fuels and the stringent regulations regarding limits for exhaust emission in recent years have increased interest in alternative fuels for automotive engines such as compressed natural gas (CNG), hydrogen, fuel cell, bio-gas and others. All these concerns are urgent global issues needing attention, making the internal combustion engine (ICE) research equally imperative and relevant for the empowerment of multidiscipline research with superlative networking both in local/international universities and industries.


In general, ICE group research focuses on the engine testing and development, engine design and alternative fuels. The engine research was carried out by using the Dynamometer Engine Test Bed locates in the Mechanical Lab and Centre for Automotive Research lab.

The research was concentrate on how to optimize and enhance the engine performance and reduce the exhaust emission for the healthier environment. ICE group together with CAR and DRB Hicom have strive to expand the CNG research through modification of UKM bus diesel engine to CNG engine. The intention of this project is to develop the green technology and green environment to the world especially in UKM Campus.


ICE and Computational group also has successfully developed a high pressure fuel system injector and cylinder head/piston design to be used in the compressed natural gas direct injection (CNGDI) engine. CNGDI engine is a system where the fuel CNG is directly injected through an injector into the combustion chamber at relatively high injection pressure (20 bars).


This fuel system is controlled by electronic controller unit (ECU) that can synchronize and time fuel injection accurately into the engine cylinder depending on the requirement of power and speed. This is a product of an IRPA Prioritised Research under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. This research product enables a car to be driven by using only CNG and the use of direct injection technology enables its power and performance to be equivalent to a similar car using petrol. ICE group also collaborate with automotive industries for the engine technology transfer and also formed international networking research with Kyoto University (Japan), Bridgefield University (UK), Cranfield University (UK), Kistler (Singapore), Lotus (UK), Orbital Engine Company (Australia) and others.

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