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 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

About Us

Centre for International Law and Siyar (CILAS)

CILAS is the the first Centre of Excellence at the Faculty of Law, UKM which established in 2014 Vision To become a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence with a focus on legal and international policy and Siyar* in Malaysia, ASEAN and the Muslim countries. Mission
  • To support the role of UKM as a research university with excellence in the field of law and international relations.
  • To support UKM in key result areas, in particular KRA 2 (High Impact Research and Innovation), KRA 3 (Strategic Relations and Partnerships) and KRA 5 (Strategic and Intensive Wealth Generation).
  • To become a channel and forum of cooperation programs and foreign aid to the government of developing countries, especially Muslim countries.
  • To become a reference centre in helping Malaysia and other countries in policy formation and decision-making related to international affairs.
  • To provide programs of research, education, consulting and continuing education to meet the demands for expertise and empowerment among stakeholders, industry players, government and civil society at home and abroad.
* Islamic International Law