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Pusat Pengajian Citra Universiti (School of Liberal Studies)


Organisation Statement

Wisdom To Empower



School of Liberal Studies (Citra UKM) is UKM is committed to leading the excellence of liberal studies in Malaysia.


Empowering people with knowledge, intellect and mastery skills.

Mission Statement

  • Empowering students to develop educated, wise, holistic people with mastery skills to face life’s challenges.  
  • The expertise of academics in various disciplines goes hand in hand with dedicated administration and integrity.
  • Smart and strategic partnerships with local and international stakeholders.
  • Produce visionary, noble graduates with professional ethics and national aspirations;

  • Produce graduates skilled in various languages ​​for the purpose of effective communication in various environments, levels and cultures;

  • Produce graduates with holistic minds by integrating general and specific knowledge through quantitative and qualitative reasoning;

  • Produce pious graduates with leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation skills;

  • Produce graduates capable understanding and applying science and technology ethically and professionally towards sustainability;

  • Produce graduates capable of accountability to their families and communities by practicing a tolerant lifestyle.

Wisdom to Empower

Strength Characteristics of UKM Citra Citizens

  • Cooperative
  • Patient
  • Altruistic
  • Appreciative of Diversity
  • Proactive