Signature Sites

Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak (DECTAR)

Tun Abdul Razak Chancellor Hall is the oldest and largest major hall at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Built in 1971, over 3.5 hectares, it has been used for convocation since 1973. This hall is also used for other official events such as semester exams, staff awards, feast day celebrations and independent thresholds.

The hall has an area of ​​ 105 'x 104.6' square in terms of floor space while in terms of stage space is 33 ° x 78.7 'square. Capacity available in DECTAR is 2100 patio seats and 1200 mobile seats. Various basic facilities are also available such as voice recorder, voice system, microphone, rostrum, air conditioner, screen display and mobile platform or platform and lighting system. The annual events that are often held at DECTAR are like convocations and artistic nights where they present every cultural course taken by students.

Panggung Seni

This Experiment Theater is the most suitable space for stage theater performances. The building is connected to the DECTAR from behind, where theatrical performances and mini concerts are staged. The comedy series Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu was directed from Art Theater from 1992 to 1997.

The hall has an area of ​​60 'x 58' square in terms of floor space while in terms of stage space is 33 'x 78.7' square. The capacity of the Art Theater is 308 seats in permanent terraces and 300 seats. Various basic facilities are also available such as voice recorder, voice system, microphone, rostrum, air conditioner, screen display and mobile platform or platform and lighting system. Annual events often held at Arts Theater are conferences, academic / general exams, arts / recording performances, student / general assemblies, career-building projects and awards / awards.

UKM mosque

The UKM MASJID was built on a two hectare site located at the main entrance of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Its construction commenced on 16 March 1979 at a cost of RM 5.1 million. It was officially submitted to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on Wednesday 14 April 1982. The mosque's quest for this mosque began on Friday 16 April 1982. The design of the UKM Mosque is the result of Mr. Abdullah Bakri, a former Director of Development Unit, UKM. The building is surrounded by six towers and a large tower of 6666 centimeter which was inspired by Tun Syed Nasir, a former UKM Chancellor Pro. The Mosque building contains three levels where at the beginning of the establishment, the second level is used during fardhu prayers for male pilgrims while the third level for female pilgrims. One level is used for Friday prayers. The Mosque building is 25 713.41 square meters (74 500) and can accommodate pilgrims of 5000 people at any one time. The mosque has a prayer hall (male and female), toilet (male and female), administrative center of the UKM Islamic Center and a meeting room, a priest and bilal break room, three seminar rooms and a cinema. The two-level Mosque has a prayer hall, a Kutub Khanah and a guest room (VIP). The third floor has a women's prayer hall, a studio room and two ablution areas. The mosque environment has six waqfs, a kitchen (including baths and toilets), two ablution areas and there are about 300 parking lots.


Pusanika UKM is a four-storey building with a physical area of ​​164,641 square feet and acts as a major facility in UKM. In addition to providing office space for the Student Services Department and the associations steroids online under it, pusanika also provides facilities such as post office, bank, book store, cafeteria, retail store, ATM machine and so on. Among the ATM machines available at Pusanika are Bank Islam, CIMB, MAYBANK, and BSN ATM machines. ATM services are also available at Chancellery (Bank Islam and CIMB) and in certain colleges such as KKM (Bank Islam) and KPZ (Bank Islam). In fact, Pusanika is often used as a place to organize programs or sales such as the Association's Introduction Week, PC Fair, book promotion, and various activities organized by students.

Seri Lanang Library (PTSL)

It is the parent library in UKM. The library was named as the Tun Seri Lanang Library in honor of the name of a noble and literary figure, Tun Sri Lanang, famous in Malaya in the 16th century. PTSL is 220,000 square feet. In addition, there is also a library of teaching the Map Library at the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities which is placed under the responsibility of Media Collection Division, PTSL. This library is 5,000 square feet. Tun Seri Lanang Library is an academic library for Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) which provides the needs of information resources and knowledge of UKM people especially for research, teaching and learning purposes. Founded in 1970, the library was inaugurated as Tun Seri Lanang Library on 2 July 1980 by the second UKM Chancellor,. The UKM Library was established simultaneously with the establishment of its own UKM on May 18, 1970 which was then located in Lembah Pantai, Kuala Lumpur. In addition, a specialized branch library for

Hutan Simpan UKM

Permanent Forest UKM is a natural permanent diptrokarp tropical forest located behind Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor. Approximately 138 hectares are surrounded by roads beside Semenyih, Bangi and Kajang

In general this forest is a buffer to a technology research conducted by MINT. However, it has become an active recreational forest lately either by SMEs or by MINT itself.

UKM Graduate School of Business

UKM-GSB evolved from the Faculty of Economics & Administration in 1972 as a Business Management Unit. This unit was later transformed into the Faculty Of Business Management under the dynamic leadership of its first Dean, Professor Dato’ Dr. Nik Rashid Nik Ismail (May 1979-September 1980, July 1981-May 1982). In 2004, the Faculty of Business Management merged with the Faculty of Economics, and by 1st April 2004, the Graduate School of Business was created under the management of the Faculty of Economics & Business (FEB).
On 1st October 2007, UKM-Graduate School Of Business was established as a separate entity from FEB and was conferred an autonomy status with the new name of UKM-Graduate School Of Business (UKM-GSB). The first semester intake of new batch of students occurred in July 2008 under direct management of UKM-GSB. The new Ph.D (by thesis) program with specializations in Accounting, Marketing, Management (Organizational Behavior / Human Resources Management, Strategy, Operations) and Finance, was introduced along with the new improved DBA (with coursework & dissertation).
UKM-GSB aims to stimulate intellectual growth, develop critical skills and competency in the post-graduate students for greater engagement in progressively shaping and changing the societies.