PharmUpdate : Our Booth @ Convocation Fair 1


During the last UKM Convocation Day, we have opened an exhibition booth that not only shares lots of important informations about medication but also sell some supplement from CCM Pharmaceutical with amazing deals! It was such a great platform for us to train our communication skills, and even a better medium for visitors to come in and ask us anything about medicine. Don’t worry about lack of experience, we are serious on making sure the visitor got accurate informations. Thus, we got some registered pharmacists here with us to guide us. You missed it? Don’t worry, we are here every year!



Doing discussion among ourselves so that we are prepared to teach others




Doing some final touch




Funny story : No one knows the actual number when we got this jar of capsules and we ended up counting it ourselves!




Get your must-know knowledge on your medicine here 😀




Cosy space to discuss if you want to know more.




We are selling various type of supplements at incredible rates!




The Canselor was asking about the supplement we sell.




A pharmacy student giving a hands on explanation on medicines




We want you to know more about your medicine so that you can get the best from it!




We also explain on how to use various inhalers for asthma patients and insulin pen for diabetic patients.




Smoking Cessation Exhibition – Do you know that you can ask a pharmacist to efficiently help you to stop smoking?

  Exciting right? Do come to see us next year ok? Bye-bye 😀

“e-pharmaline unit”

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