Alumni of Faculty of Economics & Management UKM

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Student Affairs and FEP Alumni Division would like to invite all the former students of FEP UKM to register as a FEP alumni. It is intended to gather all the former students of the Faculty of Economics and Management (previously known as Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Business Administration before the merging).

The main objectives of FEP UKM alumni are:

  1. Collecting and updating the database and information of the alumni
  2. To strengthen the relationship between alumni and the FEP staffs as well as between alumni and the current students
  3. Enable the FEP UKM to deliver the latest information about UKM and invite alumni to attend the event organized by UKM
  4. Creating incentives / prizes for the outstanding alumni during UKM convocation.

Therefore, we need your details to continue the fraternity that was once built in UKM.

Definition of Alumni – All Students who had studied in FEP UKM is automatically a member of the FEP Alumni. This includes the studies of Bachelor, Master’s and Doctor of Philosophy.