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Email: zafir@ukm.edu.my Phone: 03-8921 3440

Room Number: 7.456

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Specialisation: Organizational Management, Human Resource Management, Occupational Safety and Health, Ergonomics, Stress Management

Curriculum Vitae: Download (where available)


BBA (UUMalaysia), MBA (UKMalaysia), PhD Management (UTMalaysia)

Areas of Research
Organizational Management, Human Resource Management, Occupational Safety and Health, Ergonomics, Stress Management

Publications Journals

Zafir Mohd Makhbul, Fazilah Mohamad Hasun & Mohd Hizam Hanafiah: Pengurusan Organisasi, 3rd Ed. (2013) 700 m.s.Cengage, Thompson, Kuala Lumpur. ISBN-13: 978-967-0357-19-5.

Zafir Mohd Makhbul: Pengurusan Sumber Manusia Berdaya Saing (2013), 230 m.s Penerbit UKM, Bangi. ISBN: 978-967-412-044-32012.

Zafir Mohd Makhbul, Ruzita Rahim & Norjaya Mohd Yasin: Teori, Penyelidikan dan Praktis dalam Pengurusan Perniagaan (2012), 386 m.s. Penerbit UKM, Bangi ISBN: 978-967-942-931-2

Zafir Mohd Makhbul: Ergonomik dan Stres di Malaysia (2013), 155 m.s. Penerbit UKM, Bangi ISBN: 978-967-412-099-3,

Zafir Mohd Makhbul & Sheikh Muhamad Hizam Sheikh Khairuddin (2014). Measuring the Effect of Commitment on Occupational Stressors and Individual Productivities Ties. Jurnal Pengurusan Vol. 40. ISSN 0127-2713.

Zafir Mohd Makhbul, Zizah Che Senik & Norliza Abdullah (2013). Ergonomics And Stress At The Workplace: Engineering Contributions To Social Sciences. Jurnal Pengurusan. 37: 125-131. ISSN 0127-2713.

Zafir Mohd Makhbul & Fazilah Mohamad Hasun. (2011). Gender Responses to Stress Outcomes. Journal of Global Management 1(1): ISSN: 977-3339-919X.

Zafir Mohd Makhbul, Syed Shah Alam, Shaza Marina Azmi & Norliza Abu Talib. (2011). Ergonomics and Work Stress Issues in Banking Sector. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 5(9):1301-1309. ISSN: 1991-8178.

Zafir Mohd Makhbul & Fazilah Mohamad Hasun (2011). Persekitaran Stesen Kerja dan Niat Untuk Berhenti. International Journal of Management Studies, 18(2), Dis 2011, ISSN: 0127-8983.

Zafir Mohd Makhbul (2009). Impak Persekitaran Stesenkerja Ergonomik ke Atas Stres di Tempat Kerja, Akademika Journal of Southeast Asia Social Science and Humanities, 76: 85-104.



Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Effort in Writing Organizational Management by McGraw-Hill Education (Asia) 2008; UKM Special Quality Award 2008 – Grand Prize, Publication Award [Journal Category for Social Science and Humanities]; Community Service Award based on Expertise at Quality Award Ceremony 2011 & 2012, Faculty of Economics and Management; Excellent Service Award by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia for 2008 and 2013.