Forms for Postgraduates

Form name Number Document Link
Blacklisted Journals by MOE Download
Intellectual Property Certification of Thesis Form UKM/PPPS/C/P05/AK08/05 Download
Submission of Thesis/Dissertation Notice UKM/PPPS/C/P05/AK06/02 Tarikh Kuatkuasa: 13/02/2017 Download
Submission of Thesis/Dissertation for Examination Form UKM/PPPS/C/P05/AK06/04 Download
Checklist for Submission of Thesis for Examination UKM/PPPS/C/P05/AK06/04 Download
Non-plagiarism Verification Form UKM/PPPS/C/P05/AK06/01 Download
Graduate Handbook for 2016-2017
Application Form for Late Registration UKM/PPPS/C/P03/AK05/01 Download
Proposal Defense Form UKM/PPPS/F05/P04/AK12/1/09 Download
Appointment of Supervisor for Academic Paper (Masters Program) Form FEP/PS07/2015 Download
Application for Course Exemption Form UKM/PPPS/C/P03/AK07/01 Download
Application to Change Supervisor Form UKM/PPPS/C/P04/AK10/01 Download
Payments for Thesis Submission UKM/PPPS/C/P05/AK06/05 Download
Amended Thesis Submission Form and Checklist UKM/PPPS/C/P05/AK09/05 Download
Application for Study Extension Form UKM/PPPS/C/P03/AK06/02 Download
Application to Change Type of Registration Form UKM/PPPS/C/P03/AK08/01 Download
Checklist of Notice of Thesis Submission UKM/PPPS/C/P05/AK06/02 Download