MFAIC 2024



Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, has the esteemed honor of hosting the 26th Malaysian Finance Association International Conference (MFAIC 2024) and the inaugural International Conference of Global Business and Digital Economy (ICGLOBDE 2024).

We welcome thesubmission of academic papers spanning the breadth of financial economics, global commerce, and digitization’s transformative impacts on business. These conferences facilitate dynamic and collegial discussions on financial systems, globalization, and emerging digital landscapes in the 21st century by gathering renowned scholars, industry leaders, and policy experts from Malaysia and worldwide.

Participants benefit immensely from up-to-date research integrations, elucidations of contemporary real-world developments, and interdisciplinary perspectives synthesizing finance, business, technology, regulation, sustainability, ethics, and education. Expert dialogues will inform impactful policy recommendations and frame promising avenues for future research collaborations.

We hope you will contribute your invaluable expertise to these opportune conferences at the nexus of theory and practice. We can collectively advance ethical, equitable, and stability-enhancing transformations for financial and economic systems regionally and globally by fostering open academic debate and knowledge transfers between scholars and practitioners.

The conferences welcome research illuminating our digitally interconnected world from vantage points spanning financial economics, commerce, business strategy, risk management, fintech innovations, governance, social welfare, education, development, sustainability, geo-economics, regulations, Islamic finance, and beyond. We eagerly look forward to your submissions and camaraderie.


Malaysian Finance Association International Conference (MFAIC)


The Malaysian Finance Association International Conference (MFAIC) has the distinction of pioneering a national conference focused on finance in Malaysia. First held in 1999 as an inaugural workshop, the annual symposium has evolved into a premier conference that convenes academic scholars and industry practitioners. Hosted on a rotating basis by public and private institutions of higher education across Malaysia, the conference offers an impactful platform for exchanging ideas and discussing current issues in the financial domain. Additionally, it enables researchers to disseminate new findings related to salient financial topics. Further details regarding past MFAIC conferences are available via the link below:


International Conference of Global Business and Digital Economy (ICGLOBDE)


The ICGLOBDE is a conference organized by the Research Centre of Global Business and Digital Economy (GloBDE), Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, to bring together leading academics, industry experts, policymakers, and thought leaders to achieve its vision of generating and disseminating cutting-edge insights on technologies, sustainability, and best practices to advance global business and digital economic outcomes.

Aligned with the vision of leveraging emergent trends for competitive and sustainable stakeholder impact, the curated research presented at this conference is guided by a mission of pushing knowledge frontiers, shaping better policies and decisions, and connecting present and future leaders across sectors.

By bringing together thought leaders and stakeholders across business, academia, government, and society to engage in knowledge exchange and debate, ICGLOBDE intends to:

  1. push useful knowledge frontiers to drive innovation and progress;

  2. inform policy and practice for competitive and sustainable outcomes;

  3. connect and nurture talent to lead future global growth and opportunity.

Through rigorous research and meaningful collaboration, the long-term vision of the conference organizers is to positively impact organizations, institutions, and society for shared prosperity through digital transformation and innovation. For further information about the Centre of GloBDE, please refer to the link below:



The Centre of Global Business and Digital Economy (GloBDE) has been established at the Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, as a leading force in research, education, and policy advocacy related to emerging technologies and digital innovation across sectors. GloBDE aligns with the university’s vision to promote ethical technological advancement and next-generation learning. Through collaborative efforts across disciplines, GloBDE aims to push knowledge frontiers and develop talent to harness technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, and industrial internet of things responsibly to bring about the sustainable transformation of businesses, government, and society.

Specifically, GloBDE is energized in three vibrant research clusters focusing on different dimensions of the digital economy – Global Financial Analytics and Financialization (GFAF) cluster studies the applications of financial computing, FinTech innovations, augmented analytics for investment decisions and policy for responsible digital finance and inclusion; Emerging Technology and Big Data (ETBD) cluster explores automation, AI ethics, evidence-based research leveraging big data and IoT across domains; while the Global Business Competency and Innovation (GBCI) cluster investigates digital transformation strategies, platform economics, and structural reforms for sustainable competitive advantage of firms and national ecosystems. 


Aligned with its vision, GloBDE’s research mandate focuses on extending theoretical frontiers, informing policy and best practices through industry partnership, and nurturing cross-functional talent to become digital leaders. Through workshops, policy briefs, academic publications, capacity-building courses, and hackathons, GloBDE aims to grow its national and international partnership ecosystem to shape the promise of emerging technologies toward economic, societal, and ecological well-being.




11-12  September 2024  | Bangi Resort Hotel 


“The Future of Finance in the Digital Age”


The forthcoming 26th Malaysian Finance Association International Conference (MFAIC 2024) and inaugural 1st International Conference of Global Business and Digital Economy (ICGLOBDE 2024) strive to facilitate thoughtful, interdisciplinary discussions surrounding the monumental digital transformation reshaping finance. With the theme “The Future of Finance in the Digital Age,” the conferences actively welcome leading scholars across academic fields, industry experts, and policymakers to chart an informed, ethical path forward.

Sessions synthesize diverse insights on how emerging technologies can enhance financial access, efficiency, and stability while managing risks. All participants should feel encouraged to share findings, identify issues warranting further inspection, and forge networks to tackle forthcoming challenges at the intersection of technology, finance, business, and policy domestically and globally.

Sub-themes highlight how innovations in artificial intelligence, digital finance, financial technology, blockchain, predictive analytics, and more are widening financial inclusion worldwide and transforming investment markets. Related sessions also address resultant shifts in corporate finance, governance, accounting, financial economics, Islamic finance, and education.

With rapidly expanding research on sustainable finance, additional sub-themes and sessions specifically examine environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters alongside economic growth. Mirroring digital advancements, further topics include how technologies shape global business models, cross-border services, intangible assets, data utilization, and maintaining competitiveness.

By gathering diversity amongst academics, practitioners, and policymakers, these conferences offer an invaluable forum for collegially debating the multifaceted implications of financial innovation. Scholars across all disciplines are highly encouraged to participate by submitting research and synthesizing perspectives during the conferences to chart an informed path forward.


We strongly believe that the immense knowledge and experience contemporary pioneers in finance, business, technology, policy, and academia can bring to these discussions is key to shaping an ethical digital future for the finance industry, domestically and globally. We very much look forward to welcoming this collective expertise and benefiting from these opportune, multidisciplinary exchanges of ideas.


  1. AI, Digital Finance, and Fintech

  2. Corporate Finance

  3. Corporate Governance & Accounting

  4. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Climate Finance

  5. Financial Economics

  6. Financial Inclusion and Well-being

  7. Financial Markets and Investments

  8. Global Business & Financial Management

  9. Islamic Finance  


Conference Objectives

  1. To facilitate thoughtful academic and professional discussion on emerging technologies shaping the future of key industries.

  2. To debate innovation’s social impacts and role in supporting equitable, sustainable economic growth benefiting all communities.

  3. To forge connections between scholars, practitioners, and policymakers across disciplines to enable impactful research collaboration.

  4. To examine the ethics of technological progress and alignment with regulations that best serve societal needs.

  5. To identify insights from diverse fields that can responsibly guide industries adopting transformative technologies.

Conference Highlights

a) Best Paper Awards:

  1. Three MFA Best Papers with an award of RM1000 each. 
  2. YTI-UKM Best Paper with an award of RM1,000 [Financial Markets and Investments track]. – Hasimi
  3. One Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia Best Paper with an award of RM500.

b) Publication Opportunities in Partners Journals:

  1. Finance Research Letters (Q1; IF: 9.846)
  2. Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting and Finance (AAMJAF) (Scopus; WoS-ESCI; ERA). done emel
  3. Capital Market Review (CMR) [ABDC; MyCite]
  4. Labuan Bulletin of International Business and Finance (MyCite)
  5. Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia (Scopus; MyCite) 
  6. Jurnal Pengurusan (Scopus; MyCite)
  7. Asian Journal of Accounting and Governance (AJAG) (WoS-ESCI; ABDC; MyCITE)-done emel

c) Round Table Discussion

Ph.D. Colloquium 

The Ph.D. colloquium is open only to existing Ph.D. candidates to present their full thesis/dissertation or proposal with preliminary findings. A purely conceptual stage is not acceptable.