Call for Nomination_Exchange Program- January 2023 intake (School of Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung)

Rev_SBM ITB_Fact Sheet 2022-2023


ITB online application admission period for Student Exchange Program semester II 2022/2023 (January 2023 intake) is now open until 23 December 2022.  Please ask your nominees to choose the student exchange program type.


If you have students nominated to the exchange program at our school, please inform us by completing the attached nomination form.

If you have sent your nomination, I will contact your nominees directly to invite them to start their online application.


Kindly please inform your nominated students to do their online application and upload all supporting documents as stated on this webpage.


Students can take courses from a maximum of two schools/faculties. On selecting courses, your students should take more courses (more credits) from our school (Business and Management) as the host faculty. They can choose other courses (with less credits) from one other faculty in ITB that will be their co-host faculty.

Bachelor level students can choose maximum 22 credits per semester from Bachelor level courses and  Master level students can choose maximum 12 credits per semester from Master level courses

I will keep you updated if there are changes in the information above.

Thank you for your continuous support and kind cooperation. Do Let me know should there be any further inquiries.