Background, Mission & Vision

History of Faculty

The Faculty of Education (FPEND) started out as an Education Department within the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities in 1972. This department was upgraded to the status of a Faculty on 16 October 1986. FPEND now operates in its own building located at the second phase, of Bangi campus. FPEND is supported by the Department Foundation of Education and Educational Methodology and Practices in conducting programmes for both undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Faculty of Education Leader in Quality Education

To uphold the standard of the education profession by producing competent educators, trained in a culture of knowledge, with up-to-date technologies, and good work ethics for Allah and humanity

Educational Goals
Faculty of Education aims to extend current state of knowledge towards paradigm shifts that will strengthen and improve the teaching profession, as well as heighten the awareness on current issues in education.

Faculty’s Objectives
Realising the needs of various stake holders, the Faculty determines the following objectives for its graduates:
• Educators who possess the basic knowledge and specific skills which are relevant in the area of education.
• Professional educators with good ethics in executing their responsibilities towards self, colleagues, family, community and Allah.
• Educators who upholds Bahasa Melayu in the education profession and capable of communicating in English.
• Educators who contribute internationally besides maintaining their identity through the process of life long learning.
• Educators who can lead an educational institution efficiently.
• Educators who can do research to understand and solve issues in education.
• Educators who think critically, creatively and are innovative and practice these with conscience.
• Educators who can effectively integrate lCT in education.
• Educators who possess entrepreneurial skills.
• Educators who are dynamic and pro active on the development of education nationally.

Faculty’s Programme Outcomes
At the end of their studies, the graduates will:
• Acquire and integrate basic knowledge and content knowledge in education.
• Apply teaching skills effectively.
• Think critically, creatively and innovatively and able to solve problems with conscience.
• Be able to communicate and function effectively as a leader and member of a team.
• Be skillful in managing, integrating information in education, and practice continuous education.
• Practice the values, attitudes, responsibilities and ethics in the education profession.
• Practice social responsibility in line with the National Education Philosophy.
• Be able to enculture entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and attitudes.