Bachelor of Education programme


The Special Education Programme aims to nurture committed and skilled practitioners for the well-being of individuals with special needs; particularly in areas related to education and community empowerment.



The Bachelor of Education with Honours in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) is a programme that aims to produce graduate teachers who are trained, dynamic, and competent to teach English as a Second Language and able to practice lifelong learning


The Bachelor of Education Sports and Recreation programme aims to develop professional human resources in the area of Sports and Recreation. The main objective of the programme is to prepare capable professionals such as teachers, lecturers, coaches and administrators in Sports and Recreation for educational institutions, other education agencies, public and private sectors.

The undergraduate programme offered by the Faculty of Education as follows:
1. Bachelor of Education with Honors (Special Education)
2. Bachelor of Education with Honors (Sports and Recreation)
3. Bachelor of Education with Honors (Teaching English as a Second Language   [TESL])
4. Pre-Service Twinning Programme for Bachelor of Education with Honors (TESL)

Bachelor of Education programme covers the following components:
1. University compulsory courses
2. Faculty of Education Foundation courses
3. Professional Practice courses
4. Compulsory Programme courses 5. Elective Programme courses
6. Elective CITRA University courses

Programme’s course content is inter-discipline in nature and combines the theories and practices in education. All students in the Faculty of education are required to take the University compulsory courses, Faculty of Education’s Foundation courses and Professional Practice courses. Whilst the compulsory programme courses are offered according to their specialisation. Elective programme courses and Citra University are courses offered either within the faculty or from other faculties where students are given the choice to choose according to their interest.

Students need to complete ten (10) credit units of University courses as follows:
LMCW2163   Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia (LMCW 2143  Falsafah Isu & Semasa, Bermula Sesi 2019/2020)
LMCW2173   Hubungan Etnik (LMCW 2153  Penghayatan Etika & Peradaban, Bermula Sesi 2019/2020)
LMCW1022   Asas Keusahawanan & Inovasi
LMCW2022   Pengurusan & Analitik Data

Students undergoing the degree in Bachelor of Education programme must complete fifty six (56) course credits in Faculty of Education Foundation Courses.  The courses are :
Level/Course Code/Course Name
GGGA1123  Teaching Profession
GGGB1133 Educational Psychology
GGGE1155  Computer in Education
GGGC1033  Pra-practicum
GGGA2143  Thinking Skills in Education
GGGE2113  Curriculum and Pedagogy
GGGE2153  Educational Technology
GGGA3113  Measurement and Evaluation in Education
GGGB3223  Student Diversity and Differentiated Teaching
GGGE3143  Foundations of Research
GGGA3213  Management Process of Teaching and Learning
GGGE4113  Academic Exercise I
GGGE4123  Academic Exercise II
GGGB4114  Life Sciences in Education
GGGD4123  Human Development and Citizenship
GGGE4028  Practicum and Post Practicum Seminar

Applications for full time study programmes for STPM, Matriculation, STAM and Diploma / Equivalent must be submitted via Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia’s Online Application. Applications for studies in all the programmes offered are published in local newspapers between the month of December and February every year.

Advertisements for the Second Channel intake (full time programmes) are published in November every year and applications for this must be submitted via UKM Online Application.

Non-citizen and International Student candidates who are interested in enrolling for the full time study programmes must submit their applications via UKM
Online Application open in January every year.

International undergraduate students are managed by specially designed programmes between the governments. Currently there is an allocation of only 1% for international students. For the time being, all undergraduate courses in UKM use Bahasa Melayu as the medium of instruction.

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Dr. Mohd. Radzani Abdul Razak
Undergraduate Head of Programme (Sports & Recreation)





Dr Mohd Mokhtar Hj Tahar
Undergraduate Head of Programme
 (Special Education)



Dr Harwati Hashim
Undergraduate Head of Programme




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