General Information of PhD Programme

Dr. Harun Baharudin
Head of Programme: Doctor of Philosophy-Ph.D
03- 8921-6245


This programme is by thesis only. During the study, candidates will be guided by faculty members as a Supervisor, Co-Supervisor or a member of the Graduate Supervisor Committee. There are several specializations or specialized courses in the PhD programme that can be chosen by the candidate based on entry requirements and qualifications.

The specializations offered for the Doctor of Philosophy programme are as follows :
1. Curriculum and Pedagogy
2. Malay Language Education
3. Islamic Education
4. Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)
5. Mathematics Education
6. Computer Education
7. Science Education
8. Business Studies and Entrepreneurship Education
9. Measurement and Evaluation
10. Sports Management
11. Educational Administration
12. Education Psychology
13. Social Psychology in Education
14. Educational Sociology
15. Arabic Language Education
16. Economics Education
17. Literature Education
18. History Education
19. Resource and Information Technology
20. Guidance and Counseling
21. Pre-school Education
22. Special Education
23. Technical and Vocational Education
24. Adult and Professional Development Education

Programme Outcome (PO) Objectives (Doctor of Philosophy)
At the end of the program, doctoral students will:

PO1: Demonstrate a holistic understanding of the theories and practices in education and mastery in research skills relevant to the field of specialisation.
PO2: Demonstrate the ability to generate, design, implement, practice academically significant aspects of a research process and in a timely manner.
PO3: Contribute innovatively to authentic research that will broaden the boundary of education through in-depth dissertations presented according to the standards determined
PO4: Analyze critically, evaluate and synthesize new and complex ideas.
PO5: Communicate effectively to promote technological, social and cultural advancements through workshops, seminars, and refereed publications.
PO6: Demonstrate discipline, universal good values and ethics in the process of completing doctoral studies.