General Information of Master Programme

Dr. Suziyani Mohamed

Head of Postgraduate Programme (Master)

Mdm. Nurul Nadiah Atiqah Mohd Khair
Administrative Officer


There are many specializations in the Masters that can be chosen by the candidate based on entry requirements and qualifications. Specializations offered are as follows:
1. Curriculum and Pedagogy
2. Malay Language Education
3. Islamic Education
4. Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)
5. Mathematics Education
6. Computer Education
7. Science Education
8. Business Studies and Entrepreneurship Education
9. Measurement and Evaluation
10. Sports Management
11. Educational Administration
12. Educational Psychology
13. Educational Sociology
14. Arabic Language Education
15. Economics Education
16. Literature Education
17. History Education
18. Resource and Information Technology
19. Guidance and Counseling
20. Pre-school Education
21. Special Education